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Thursday, December 22, 2011

~ THE SWALLOW SONG ~ Joan & Mimi Baez

"At the time of Richard Farina`s untimely death in April 1966 (at age 29) he was producing what could have been 25-year old Joan`s first electric folk-rock album, which she ultimately shelved. Only three song from those sessions have ever surfaced over the years, in various collections: "Swallow Song" was a remake of a tume from Richard & Mimi`s second LP, "Reflections in a Crystal Wind". Three decades later, it sounded better than ever here, with Mimi`s magnificent guitar playing on display. "Mimi was a superlative guitar player, aiming for, achieving , and perfecting runnings, styles and gyrations which to this day leave me in awe. Siblings harmony, born of invisible bonds, love and genius, is like no other."