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Saturday, December 3, 2011

This Week Genealogy News 12/3/11

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geneaNet - 12/03/2011
 Hi Terry,

This Week Genealogy News

LTools 1.3.20 Update Released

Other Tools - Windows - Freeware
LTools 1.3.20 has been released.
* Create Unknown Spouses - new deluxe LTool which replaces the blank spouse records that Legacy creates with actual Individual records (inserts a row in tblIR).
* UpdateQueries.csv [...]

FamilyTreeFactory Update Released

Charts and Diagrams - Windows - Purchase
FamilyTreeFactory has been released.
* At the deletion of a record it was not checked, whether the record to
be deleted was referenced in other records as a godparent or a witness.
Therefore, after the deletion [...]

iFindmypast 1.1 Update Released

PDAs and Handhelds - Freeware
iFindmypast 1.1 has been released.
* Added fully indexed Birth, Death and Marriage search.
* Fixed a crash where the app would timeout on startup when using a poor internet connection.
* Fixed some minor [...]

Oscar Wilde's Paris Tomb Made Safe from Admirers' Kisses

Oscar Wilde's renovated Paris tomb was unveiled on Wednesday, complete with a new glass barrier to shield the monument to the quintessential dandy's life from a torrent of admiring kisses.
Kiss upon lipsticked kiss in honour of [...]

St. Lawrence University Gets Fort de la Présentation Records

A copy of the Records of Fort de la Présentation (1740-1759) will be available in St. Lawrence University's Owen D. Young Library.
A press release from the university notes how these records will serve as a research [...]

Glitzy Vietnam Cemetery Offers Bling for the Dead

This is where Vietnam's rising middle class is dying to flaunt its bling: a new cemetery at the end of a golden-gated "Highway to Eternity" where relatives can order graveside offerings of Hennessy online.
The Lac Hong [...]

RootsMagic 5 Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase
RootsMagic 5 has been released.
New Features:
* Create unlimited research logs to document your work and aid your research.
* Quickly search for any text in any research log.
* Shows a full timeline [...]

British Library Newspaper Archive Puts 300 Years of History Online

Sixty-five million historic newspaper articles, covering the most significant events over the last 300 years, are now fully available online from today in a new archive created by the British Library.
People will now be able [...]

Hitler 'Spent Months Living in Liverpool Flat' that Was Later Destroyed by the Luftwaffe

Adolf Hitler spent five months in Liverpool, wandering around the city and relaxing in the Poste House pub, pint in hand. He also enjoyed a sightseeing tour of London and was so fascinated by Tower Bridge [...]

Holocaust Victims Database Aims to Restore Lost Identities

Alison Shein considers herself an amateur genealogist, spending hours online searching for information about family members she never knew. Among them: Alison's great-great-grandmother Bella Shein, who died in the Holocaust. The circumstances surrounding her death are [...]

Sweden-Bound Booty Found in Polish River

Polish scientists have discovered what appears to be a 17th century ship loaded with looted treasure bound for Sweden dating from the Swedish-Polish war of 1655-60, at the bottom of the Vistula river, according to local [...]

Treasure Trove of Australian History Returns Home

New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell and Minister for the Arts George Souris today unveiled to the public an extraordinarily rare collection of 210-year-old natural history drawings, which will shortly go on display at the State [...]

GeneaNet: Join Us on Facebook!

Join us on Facebook and be part of the GeneaNet community!
Get the latest updates and information about the GeneaNet services.
Join a community of genealogy enthusiasts to comment and share about GeneaNet, your family history research and genealogy in general. [...]

New: Edit your Places in your GeneaNet Online Family Tree (GeneWeb)

You can now easily edit your places in your GeneaNet Online Family Tree (GeneWeb).
Edit a place name and this will automatically update this name in your entire family tree! Log in as 'Wizard' in your Online Family [...]

Are You Related to Winston Churchill?

Churchill was born on November 30, 1874, into the aristocratic family of the Dukes of Marlborough, a branch of the Spencer family, Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, like his father, used the surname Churchill in public life.
His [...]

Internet Genealogy Magazine 4.1.2 Update Released

PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase
Internet Genealogy Magazine 4.1.2 has been released.
* Newsstand compatibility.
* General stability and performance improvements.
* In-app help page.
* iOS5 rendering fix for iPad 2.
* Character fix on contents.
* Minor contents and subscription fulfilment [...]

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