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This Week Genealogy News

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geneaNet - 03/03/2012
 Hi Terry,

This Week Genealogy News

Bee Docs' Easy Timeline 1.1.1 Update Released

Timeline - Mac - Purchase
Bee Docs' Easy Timeline 1.1.1 has been released.
* 3D presentation mode now supports Kensington Presenter remote control. [...]

MacFamilyTree 6.2.6 Update Released

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase
MacFamilyTree 6.2.6 has been released.
* Error corrected that prevented some users from saving databases.
* Wrong places count display corrected.
* Several other minor fixes. [...]

FamilyTreeFactory Update Released

Charts and Diagrams - Windows - Purchase
FamilyTreeFactory has been released.
* At the Gedcom import, the function Incorrect orders of spouses/Fix to
match the dates of marriage could fail if marriage data for civil and
religious marriages were stored in the Gedcom [...]

Brother's Keeper 6.5.7 Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase
Brother's Keeper 6.5.7 has been released.
* New option on the Collapsed Ancestor Chart to show if the couple was divorced.
* The Compute Relationship Box Chart would sometimes not make the box [...]

LTools 1.3.24 Update Released

Other Tools - Windows - Freeware
LTools 1.3.24 has been released.
* Remove Dead Multimedia Links - new deluxe LTool which checks for the existence of every multimedia file that your database points to. If a file is [...]

GedStar Pro for Android 2.2.2 Update Released

PDAs and Handhelds - Freeware
GedStar Pro for Android 2.2.2 has been released.
* Fix display of photos on small screens (e.g., QVGA).
* Fix crash when viewing image list on large tablets.
* Handle out-of-memory condition in relationship calculator. [...]

GeneaStar: Latest Famous Genealogies

The following genealogies have been added to GeneaStar:
Emmitt Smith, James Packard, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Willard Rockwell, Pete Rose, Herbert Henry Dow, A. Bartlett Giamatti, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, Henry Wells, Matthew C. Perry, Oliver Hazard [...]

National Archives Unveils Fortified Display Case for Magna Carta

The only original copy of the Magna Carta in private hands worldwide has a fancy new display case at the National Archives, where the document goes on display next month.
"This 700-year-old document looks better than ever," [...]

'Band of Brothers' Soldier Lynn Compton Dies Aged 90

Lynn D. "Buck" Compton, a veteran whose Second World War exploits were depicted in the HBO TV series "Band of Brothers," has died aged 90. Compton died on Saturday in Washington state after having a heart [...]

The Who's Who of Criminals from 1909... and not a Hoodie in Sight: Police Scrapbook of Smartly Dressed Rogues Up for Sale

Moustache immaculately waxed, George Archibald Hewitt looks every inch the Edwardian gentleman ... but he had his stiffly-starched collar felt for using a false cheque. Then there is bowler-hat-wearing Ernest Bell, whose catalogue of crime [...]

Galileo's Heresy Trial and Henry VIII's Divorce Plea: Vatican Secret Archives on Display

Parchment documents relating to Galileo's heresy trial, the execution of Mary Queen of Scots and Henry VIII's divorce will go on display today in an unprecedented exhibition of 100 documents from the Vatican Secret Archives.
The [...]

Mount Peace Historic Cemetery in Lawnside, New Jersey, Needs Help

A local cemetery that serves as a burial place for African American civil war veterans is in dire need of money and maintenance. "A lot of people say that if you don't know where you came [...]

Repair of Old Building of National Archive Department of Azerbaijan to Cost Millions

Expenditures have been called for continuation of work on repair and restoration of old building of National Archive Department of Azerbaijan located in Baku on 3, Z.Buniyadov avenue. The Agency for Rehabilitation & Reconstruction of the [...]

Ancestral Sources 3.0 Update Released

Transcriptions & Indexes - Windows - Freeware
Ancestral Sources 3.0 has been released.
* Now supports Marriage, Census & Baptism records. [...]

Hide Living Individuals in your GeneaNet Online Family Tree

You can hide some selected living individuals in your GeneaNet Online Family Tree.These individuals will remain hidden every time you import a new GEDCOM file to update your family tree.We hope this will help you with privacy issues... [...]

UN war crimes archive 'should be open to public'

A British academic is calling on the government to obtain and make public a vast but little known United Nations archive documenting 10,000 cases of possible second world war crimes.
The cases range from a Japanese commander [...]

Are You Related to Glenn Miller?

Miller was born on March 1, 1904, on a farm in Clarinda, Iowa, to Lewis Elmer Miller and Mattie Lou (née Cavender). He went to grade school in North Platte in western Nebraska. In 1915, Miller's [...]

Unknown No Longer - Virginia Historical Society

This database is the latest step by the Virginia Historical Society to increase access to its varied collections relating to Virginians of African descent. Since its founding in 1831, the VHS has collected unpublished manuscripts, a [...]

TMG Utility 7.2 Update Released

Other Tools - Windows - Freeware
TMG Utility 7.2 has been released.
* Added the Filter by sentence option to the Make P1 Male feature.
* Added more date formats to the Add Events feature including support for partial [...]

Tate's National Photographic Archive 'Rescued from Skip' After Internal Tipoff

Art historians have been disturbed by allegations that the Tate was about to dump its invaluable photographic archive in a skip when another institution realised its importance and rescued it, and that the Victoria & Albert [...]

GedStar Pro for Android 2.2.1 Update Released

PDAs and Handhelds - Freeware
GedStar Pro for Android 2.2.1 has been released.
* Redesigned Person and Family Views for large tablets, showing more data about significant events.
* Fix crash bug in V2.2.0 release.
* Minor fixes. [...]

Pocket Genealogist 4.05A02 Public Beta Update Released

PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase
Pocket Genealogist 4.05A02 Public Beta has been released.
* Support for direct import of Legacy require re-import and synchronization of data. [...]

Legacy Family Tree Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase
Legacy Family Tree has been released.
* FamilySearch - In "Quick Mode" we added some text on the main screen of LFS to indicate that they are in that mode and [...]

iFamily for Leopard 2.532 Update Released

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase
iFamily for Leopard 2.532 has been released.
* Correction of the short version of Birth Marriage and Death (from c,n,e to b,m,d).
* Correction of the syntax when displaying multiple spouses.
* Correction of [...]

HuMo-gen 4.8 Update Released

Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware
HuMo-gen 4.8 has been released.
* Revised and sophisticated new source system.
* Merging of GEDCOM files.
* Exporting part of trees to GEDCOM.
* Importing geocodes from GEDCOM files. [...]

GeneaStar: Latest Famous Genealogies

The following genealogies have been added to GeneaStar:
Edward Hutton, Mort Walker, Hawley Harvey Crippen, Erskine Childers, Abner Doubleday, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Consuelo Vanderbilt, William Henry Vanderbilt, William Kissam Vanderbilt, George Washington Vanderbilt, Frederick William Vanderbilt, Clarence [...]

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