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Saturday, April 7, 2012

This Week Genealogy News

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geneaNet - 04/07/2012
 Hi Terry,

This Week Genealogy News

American digital public library promised for 2013

An American digital public library of over two million books will be in place by next April, according to scholar, author and Harvard University librarian Robert Darnton.
Professor Darnton, speaking at Columbia Law School earlier this week, [...]

Canadian Town with Most Titanic Graves Still Feels the Pain

Among the graves of Fairview Lawn Cemetery, there is one that was a magnet for bouquets and weeping girls in the 1990s. The name on the tombstone: J. Dawson.
Jack Dawson, you will recall, is the name [...]

Singapore To Drive Road Through Historic Cemetery

Bukit Brown is the kind of place that could be easily missed in skyscraper-filled Singapore. Bordered by a major highway and several major roads, this 90-year-old cemetery sits in a peaceful, green pocket almost in the [...]

Messiah College's Murray Library (Grantham, Pennsylvania) to Receive 05 Million Grant to Digitize Documents

Messiah College's Murray Library recently announced that they are in the final stage of receiving a ,000 grant to digitize some of the library's archives.
The college applied for the grant through Pennsylvania's Office of Commonwealth [...]

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2012 beta build 110403 Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware
The Complete Genealogy Builder 2012 beta build 110403 has been released.
* Fixed: When importing using "Default Media Folder" the images are now correctly found in the specified folder. [...]

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2012 beta build 110403 Update Released

Family Books - Windows - Shareware
The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2012 beta build 110403 has been released.
* Fixed: Grammar in PDF Bookmarks tree of German reports (now "Indirekte Beziehungen" instead of "Indirekte beziehungen").
* Fixed: When importing using [...]

Your Family Tree 1.9 Update Released

PDAs and Handhelds - Freeware
Your Family Tree 1.9 has been released.
* You can preview each issue before purchase.
* Minor performance enhancements.
* You can now print via AirPrint. [...]

Solved: Mystery of Ashes Washed Up in an Urn on U.S. Coast and the English Master Gardener Who Came to America in 1922

The mystery of a 90-year-old urn filled with ashes found washed up on a beach may have been solved - and descendents may have been found. The large, dented copper urn, engraved with 'William George Kennedy [...]

How Many Soldiers Died in the US Civil War?

A study suggests a previously widely accepted death toll of the US Civil War may actually be way under the mark. How many did perish in this conflict, fought before the era of modern record-keeping and [...]

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 9.0.2 Update Released

Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Purchase
The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 9.0.2 has been released.
* Branches: Names on the page showing which people belonged to the selected branch were being abbreviated (fixed).
* Cemeteries: The rounded corners on the [...]

Transcript 2.4.0 build 88 Update Released

Transcriptions & Indexes - Windows - Freeware
Transcript 2.4.0 build 88 has been released.
* Added an option to hide all toolbars including menu to maximize the working area.
* Added an optional image highlighter/ruler which can be turned [...]

MobileFamilyTree Pro 1.1.5 Update Released

PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase
MobileFamilyTree Pro 1.1.5 has been released.
* Performance improved.
* Several user interface improvements.
* GEDCOM import and export vastly improved.
* Tree chart improved.
* Several crash bugs fixed. [...]

MacFamilyTree 6.2.9 Update Released

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase
MacFamilyTree 6.2.9 has been released.
* Fixed a bug preventing images to show up correctly. [...]

Shoebox 1.2.3 Update Released

PDAs and Handhelds - Freeware
Shoebox 1.2.3 has been released.
* Improves reliability of uploads. [...]

All Ancestors Report 2.1.14 Update Released

Other Tools - Windows - Freeware
All Ancestors Report 2.1.14 has been released.
* Changes to aar2.css and aar.xsl to display images with a border and shadow.
* Other maintenance changes. [...]

Brother's Keeper 6.5.8 Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase
Brother's Keeper 6.5.8 has been released.
* (changed) It can show 6 generations on the screen for ancestor chart if 1024 by 768 or larger.
* (fixed) On the Edit screen, if adding [...]

Historians Find Rare Photo of Black Soldier

Illinois historians have obtained a photograph that looks ordinary but is extremely rare, the image of an African-American man who fought in the Civil War. The picture shows Nathan Hughes decades after the war, when he [...]

Agelong Tree 4.3 build 25.03 Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware
Agelong Tree 4.3 build 25.03 has been released.
* A few bugs have been fixed. [...]

Ireland's Earliest Police Records from 1724 Go Online

Irish police records dating back from 1724 have been digitized and are now available online. The records are from the parish of St. John's in Dublin and have been made available by the Church of Ireland's [...]

LTools 1.3.26 Update Released

Other Tools - Windows - Freeware
LTools 1.3.26 has been released.
* Data Bridge - added: - World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 (commissioned by Jay Wilpolt)
* Data Bridge - placeholders in the form {?...?} will [...]

Families for Android 1.5.1 Update Released

PDAs and Handhelds - Purchase
Families for Android 1.5.1 has been released.
* Bug fixes. [...]

Legacy Family Tree Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase
Legacy Family Tree has been released.
* Census List Tool - We needed to add a new tabbed interface for all of the new features and options we have added. Lot's [...]

The Exotic Down and Outs of Victorian London Captured on Camera in the 1870s

In the frantic pace of modern life, it is often easy to forget what life was once like for those who built the world we now live in. These fascinating black and white pictures taken by [...]

Interest in 1940 US Census Paralyzes National Archive Website, with Millions of User 'Hits'

Interest in the newly released 1940 U.S. census is so great that the government website with the information was nearly paralyzed shortly after the records became available to the public for the first time.
Miriam Kleiman, spokeswoman [...]

Are You Related to Bette Davis?

Ruth Elizabeth Davis, known from early childhood as "Betty", was born on April 5, 1908, in Lowell, Massachusetts, the daughter of Ruth Augusta "Ruthie" (née Favor) and Harlow Morrell Davis, a patent attorney; her sister, Barbara [...]

Forgotten Photographs Give a Rare and Fascinating Insight into 19th Century City Life in Britain

A curious photo archivist from Newcastle stumbled on an amazing treasure trove of street photographs which capture the city's Victorian residents going about their daily lives. Aaron Guy, who works at Newcastle's Mining Institute, discovered the [...]

1940 Census Release Is 'Super Bowl For Genealogists'

A sort of national treasure is scheduled to be revealed Monday: In April 1940, 120,000 census takers spread out across America to take an inventory of its residents. Now that the legally mandated 72 years have [...]

Possible 16th Century Chapel Unearthed in Marlow, England

Historical detectives may have uncovered evidence of a 16th century chapel at a public park in Marlow. Members of the Marlow Archaeological Society, excavating Rookery Park, have found a chalk block wall at the site which [...]

GeneaNet: Geolocate your Pictures of Headstones and Memorials on Google Maps

You can geolocate your pictures of headstones and memorials on Google Maps.Just enter the name of the city/town and the street address to automatically geolocate your pictures.Then, you and other members can search for a picture and easily view the [...]

Hitler Family Gravestone is Removed Over Fears it Had Become a Shrine for Neo-Nazis

The gravestone of Adolf Hitler's parents has been removed because it had become a shrine for neo-Nazis. Last year, a vase with the word unforgotten - 'unvergessen' - was left on the grave, with one of [...]

Walters Art Museum in Baltimore Wins Grant to Digitize Medieval Books

The National Endowment for the Humanities is awarding the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore a ,000 grant to digitize, catalog and distribute 113 medieval Flemish manuscripts, including a collection of prayer books adorned with gold.
The three-year [...]

Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Launched

An extensive digital archive documenting former South African President Nelson Mandela's life has been launched on the internet. Almost 2,000 entries have been made available for scholars and researchers.
Images of the cell on Robben Island, near [...]

National Archives of Malaysia to Digitise Collections

The National Archives of Malaysia has targeted to digitise three million of its collections by next year for better public access to information to keep in steps with the changing times.
Its deputy director-general (planning and [...]

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