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Monday, May 14, 2012

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Radio Free Worcester

"We need to talk to the owner of the building," demanded two men in suits paying a visit to a piece of Worcester commercial property in 2010. "We see an antenna and a wire coming down the building to the sixth floor."

Holes in the net?

What really brought us here today was a discussion in the community about racial profiling," Worcester Police Chief Gary Gemme said at the outset of last Thursday's Worcester Clergy and Police Community Partnership forum on racial profiling, youth and gang violence at Claremont High School. Gemme immediately noted that there have been no complaints from city leaders or clergy members to his office supporting any allegations of race-based stops or arrests since he became chief of police in 2004.

Bus boys and girls

With Mayor Joe Petty's announcement last month that he would form a committee consisting of four school committee members and interests from the business and higher-education community to look at creating an exam school in Worcester, it was in clear response to an anecdotal trend seen throughout the Worcester Public Schools: more and more Worcester Public School (WPS) students and their families are taking advantage of school choice vouchers and attending schools in outlying districts.

Better Future Project

Last summer, five young women came to Worcester on their bicycles to see what the second largest city in New England is doing to protect its natural environment and to create a sustainable way of life for residents. Their visit was on behalf of the Better Future Project, an organization promoting the end of fossil fuel use. The bicyclists traveled throughout New England gathering information of how cities and towns are going green, doubling as an internship called Climate Summer provided by Better Future Project.