Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life Without Parole for Pot | The Whacko Baby Food Diet | Springsteen Rejects Right-Wing Love



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Life Without Parole for Pot? 10 Worst Cases of Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Our government spends more than $7 billion annually to enforce marijuana prohibition in shockingly cruel ways, but the efforts have not deterred marijuana use.READ MORE

Kristen Gwynne / AlterNet

Jim Hightower: If You Put $100 Million Into a Race, Don't You Get Naming Rights for the Candidate?

The Texas populist talks about our out-of-control plutocracy. READ MORE

Joshua Holland / AlterNet

Baby Food Diet? Americans Are Spending $50 Billion a Year Dieting -- And We're Getting Crazier By the Minute

Why our extreme quest for weight loss isn't working. READ MORE

Casey Lazonick / AlterNet

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Is the Bible a Threat to National Security?

A military Bible paints war as religious devotion. What could go wrong? READ MORE

By Kelley B. Vlahos /


Family Meltdown: Why the Nuclear Family Is Not the Model for Women Leaders' Success

How can we make it easier and less lonely for working mothers? READ MORE

By Cynthia Liu / AlterNet


How the Federal Reserve Is Manipulating Our Kids Into Loving Wall Street

A Fed-sponsored competition brainwashes teens into putting the capitalist titans of Wall Street on a pedestal. READ MORE

By Les Leopold / AlterNet


Memo to Rich Conservatives -- Bruce Springsteen Doesn't Love You Back

In contrast to an overpaid, clueless pundit or a blustering New Jersey governor, Bruce is the ultimate populist artist. READ MORE

By Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet


Is America Turning Into Racist, Right-Wing Arizona?

Has the Supreme Court made it possible for hundreds of thousands of police officers throughout the country to racially profile millions of people? READ MORE

By Roberto Lovato / The Nation


Exposing "The Invisible War" on Women in the Military

A new documentary shows how the military has, across the board and in every branch, failed to protect its members from sexual assault. READ MORE

By Mary Elizabeth Williams / Salon


Spanking School Children? The 5 Weirdest Things on the Texas GOP Platform

Here's a look at the most outrageous beliefs Texas Republicans apparently hold. READ MORE

By Travis Waldron / ThinkProgress

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. -

Can We Stop a Civil War in Syria?

Outside powers should stop military involvement in the Syrian crisis and support new diplomatic initiatives. READ MORE

By Phyllis Bennis / AlterNet

"The Sky Is Pink": Josh Fox's New Video Takes on Industry Lies and Media Spin on Gas Drilling
By Tara Lohan | AlterNet


Jon Stewart: Fox's "Outrage Repertoire Has Been So Overused As to Render Justified Outrage Meaningless"
By Lauren Kelley | AlterNet


Chicago Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession with Near-Unanimous Vote
By Paul Armentano | NORML


As America Waits for the Supreme Court to Decide on Health Care Reform, Nurses Prepare to Care For People Regardless
By Sarah Jaffe | AlterNet

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