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Friday, June 29, 2012

This Week Genealogy News

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geneaNet - 06/30/2012
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This Week Genealogy News

'Billy the Kid' Tombstone Vandalized

De Baca County authorities are on the search for thieves who broke into the old Fort Sumner Museum. Officials said three antique rifles and a shotgun were stolen from the museum around 3:40 a.m. on June [...]

Israel Stages Holocaust Survivor Beauty Pageant

A beauty pageant for Holocaust survivors has been held in Israel for the first time, stirring controversy. Fourteen women, aged 74 to 97, walked along a red carpet in the city of Haifa and described their [...]

Families for Android 1.6.0 Update Released

Mobile - Purchase
Families for Android 1.6.0 has been released.
* When selecting a parent in Family View, ensure that correct spouse is selected.
* Fix crash following addition of new individual.
* Support UTF-8 filenames.
* Add option to set [...]

New York Man Gets 7 Years Prison for Rare Document Theft

A presidential memorabilia collector who has acknowledged stealing thousands of rare and valuable documents from historical societies and archives nationwide was sentenced Wednesday to seven years in prison.
Barry Landau was caught stealing documents from the Maryland [...]

Iraq Cuts US Archaeology Cooperation Over Archives

Iraq has cut cooperation with the United States on archaeological exploration because Washington has not returned Iraq's Jewish archives, Tourism and Archaeology Minister Liwaa Smaisim has told AFP.
The fate of the archives, which were removed from [...]

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2012 beta build 110626 Update Released

Family Books - Windows - Shareware
The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2012 beta build 110626 has been released.
* The non-standard "_DCAUSE" tag exported by Family Tree Builder is now imported as a standard "CAUS" tag subordinate to the [...]

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2012 beta build 110626 Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware
The Complete Genealogy Builder 2012 beta build 110626 has been released.
* The non-standard "_DCAUSE" tag exported by Family Tree Builder is now imported as a standard "CAUS" tag subordinate to the [...]

Agelong Tree 4.4 Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Shareware
Agelong Tree 4.4 has been released.
* In the tree marriage dates can be displayed (if "Marriages" field is added to the "Displayed fields").
* Tree style can be saved and loaded.
* "Keep [...]

Legacy Family Tree Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase
Legacy Family Tree has been released.
* Opening a Family File - Fixed a problem where there was a delay when opening larger family files. [...]

Archaeologists Uncover Foundation of Maryland's first State House

Archaeologists working at Historic St. Mary's City have uncovered the stone and brick foundation of the Calvert House. The structure was built soon after the settlement of Maryland as home for the founder and first Governor, [...]

Britain from Above: English Heritage Unveils Thousands of Fascinating Aerial Images

Aerial shots of the 1935 FA Cup Final at Wembley and the devastation caused by the Thames flooding in 1947 are among thousands of fascinating photographs English Heritage have made public today.
More than 15,000 images from [...]

Shoah Foundation Completes Preservation of Holocaust Testimonies

It's a wrap for the Shoah Foundation Institute's ambitious, 18-year project to gather and preserve testimonies from more than 52,000 Holocaust survivors and witnesses.
The foundation, established in 1994 by Steven Spielberg following his making of the [...]

Last Gay Jewish Holocaust Survivor Dies

Gad Beck, an anti-Nazi Zionist resistance fighter and the last known gay Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, died on Sunday in Berlin. He passed away in a senior citizens' home six days before his 89th birthday, [...]

French Town Pays Tribute to British WWII Paratroopers

A new memorial dedicated to two British World War II paratroopers is to be unveiled in the French town where they hid from German forces in 1942.
Frank Embury, from Tunstall in Stoke-on-Trent, and George Cornell, from [...]

Families of Battle of Okinawa's Fallen Still Waiting for Remains

Shohei Kuchikata died at the age of 97 in March knowing that the remains of his older brother, Sei, had at last come home. He had spent most of his life waiting for them.
Sei Kuchikata was [...]

Irish Origenes Interactive Castles of Ireland Map Part of Project to Pinpoint Irish Ancestors

The Irish Origenes website is designed specifically to show people with Irish ancestry how to use the results of a commercial ancestral DNA test to pinpoint where their Irish ancestors lived and it contains all the [...]

Genealogists Index Norwalk Marriage and Death Records

While some New England families can trace their ancestry back to the passengers on the Mayflower, most others' roots are less glamorous and more difficult to ascertain.
"They were regular working people. A lot were oystermen and [...]

Are You Related to Jerry Hall?

Hall was born on July 2, 1956, in Gonzales, Texas, the daughter of Marjorie (née Sheffield) and John P. Hall, a truck-driver. She is of English descent.
Hall was raised in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite, [...]

New: Attach Contacts to your GeneaNet Online Family Tree

You can now attach family and genealogical cousins from your Address Book to your GeneaNet Online Family Tree, and view the family link between you and these persons.
When adding a new person to your Address Book, you can also quickly [...]

Legacy Family Tree Now Available in French Language

Millennia Corporation, a leader in family history software and genealogy webinars, today announced that its software, Legacy Family Tree, is now available in the French language.
The software, used by beginners and professionals to record, plan, and [...]

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 9.0.3 Update Released

Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Purchase
The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 9.0.3 has been released.
* Albums: The image preview for an album's default photo was not working (fixed).
* Albums: The image preview box for [...]

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