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Friday, June 8, 2012

Why the Pope Hates Nuns

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Why the Pope Hates Nuns

It's tempting to simply view the church hierarchy as a cult of misogyny. But at its heart, it's a cult of power; misogyny is but one tool for securing that power. READ MORE

Adele M. Stan / AlterNet

10 Reasons Not to Get Married

People are delaying marriage (or not getting married at all) far more than they used to -- and it's for a reason. READ MORE

Samhita Mukhopadhyay / Jezebel

Want to Find an Expert on "The War on Women?" Media Chooses Men

Ladies, no one cares what you think about lady stuff. At least, that's what the traditional media thinks, according to an analysis by The 4th Estate. READ MORE

Kaili Joy Gray / Daily Kos

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The Women and People of Color Who Invented the Internet

The New York Times says that "MEN invented the Internet." In reality, the genesis of the Internet was a collaborative effort. READ MORE

By Tara L. Conley / Ms. Blog


Not Satisfied With Attacking Nuns, Catholic Bishops Go After Girl Scouts

First the nuns, now the Girl Scouts: It would be comical if the goal were not so pernicious and the outcome so damaging. READ MORE

By Mary E. Hunt / Religion Dispatches

A still from Push Girls. -

"Push Girls:" A Look at the New Reality TV Show About Four Attractive, Wheelchair-bound Women

They may be in wheelchairs, but they do not get special treatment. Just like everyone else on reality TV, they will be allowed, on occasion, to make fools of themselves. READ MORE

By Willa Paskin / Salon

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton with Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla Miranda. -

Latin American Countries Have Elected a Wave of Women Leaders--Why Hasn't Equality Followed?

The feminization of politics in Latin America has not yet translated into the incorporation of feminist and women's rights agendas. READ MORE

By Erika Guevara-Rosas / Foreign Policy in Focus

The Painful Story 20-Week Abortion Ban Advocates Don't Want You to Hear
By Angi Becker Stevens | RH Reality Check


Miss Pennsylvania Resigns In Protest of Transgender Candidates
By Angela Lee | AlterNet


Senate Republicans Block Vote on Paycheck Fairness Act
By Staff | AlterNet


The Morning-After Pill Is Birth Control, Not Abortion
By Jill Filipovic | Feministe


Another Federal Judge Strikes Down DOMA
By Igor Volsky | Think Progress


Anti-Choicer Threatened to Blow Up Doctor's Car, Now Countersuing Because 'God Told Her to Do It'
By Robin Marty | RH Reality Check


Proposition 8 Remains Struck Down, May Go to Supreme Court
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


Louisiana To Join the 20-Week-Abortion-Ban Club
By Lauren Barbato | Ms. Magazine Blog

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