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That’s How We Used To Do It Kids: A Retro Atari T.V. Commercial

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How To Design An Unforgettable Logo [Infographic]

Posted: 01 Jul 2012 12:00 PM PDT

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If you are a designer, you know how important it is to always spend extra time going over your designs and the tools you use to create them. This is even more true when it is an important client who is asking you to redesign their logo which they've had for a long time. Their original logo might have spawned their entire success, and now it's up to you not to flush it all down the drain with the new design. No pressure, right? Well, it really doesn't have to be that much pressure if you just do everything you can to plan and execute your designs in the best possible way. There are of course a million logo designers out there who all have their unique and personal approach to this endeavor, and one who I have always had great admiration for is Graham Smith.

Graham runs a company called imjustcreative and is one of the very best when it comes to designing memorable, unforgettable and professional logos. His knowledge is extensive, and so is his portfolio of quite amazing creations. I always feel humbled when I see people with such unlimited creativity, and it is always true inspiration to check out all the new mind-children they have given birth to.

So how do you go about planning and executing a completely mind-blowing logo design? Well, there are as I said, a million ways you could go about it, but there are a few pointers that you could incorporate into your own process that will probably make things just a little bit more streamlined. The tips come from SothinkMedia, and they are presented in an infographic called "How To Design A Unique And Unforgettable Logo."

Basically what this infographic expresses is that the simpler your logo is, the better and more memorable it will be. Of course, there are logos out there that are complex and complicated which have become great brands regardless. However, it is when things are simple that the clients and customers instantly remember what company is associated with the logo, if that makes sense.

Colors, fonts, characteristics and the way it fits with what the brand is all about are of course other important factors to spend some time outlining. It's really easy to just bundle something together and call it a logo, and most of the time that is really the case. But have a look at this infographic and try to implement the things mentioned, and you will see that not only the process itself will be a little bit easier to get through, but also the end result and quality of your logo will be better than ever before. Being a designer isn't just about using a professional tool like Photoshop or Illustrator to make whatever it is you set out to create. It's about delivering and expressing something that is the core focus of what the brand is all about. I strongly suggest you have a look at Graham's portfolio since you will find it not only inspiring, but also quite educational.

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That's How We Used To Do It Kids: A Retro Atari T.V. Commercial

Posted: 01 Jul 2012 11:00 AM PDT

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If you were a geeky kid in the '80s, you probably remember playing Atari games. I can still remember the very first time I was introduced to a video game, and it was on an Atari. When I was a little girl, I used to sit in my red beanbag chair and play Frogger and Centipede for hours. Those old games with the pixelated graphics were as exciting back then as the new video games are for kids these days. Back then, you had to use a little imagination to figure it all out, and we loved every minute of it.

Although I didn't play on an Atari until the '80s, it was launched in 1972. Atari's Pong is often credited with helping to define the computer entertainment industry. Yup, Pong is where it all began.

Atari was revolutionary in its time, and looking back, those were very special years in video game history. To help celebrate Atari's 40th birthday, I thought it would be fun to share with you a retro Atari television commercial which advertised the Atari 5200. This will definitely give you a giggle, whether you ever played Atari or not. Remember the famous black joystick? The big hair (which was stiff from too much hairspray)? Carrying a boombox to the beach? Mullets? It's all right here for your enjoyment. If you want to keep this little nugget of nostalgia close to you, you could always connect with Atari on Facebook. Now that I think about it, it's odd to me that Atari has a Facebook page. That's like two very different worlds colliding.


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Face Socks: Sneaky Way Of Expressing Your Feelings

Posted: 01 Jul 2012 10:00 AM PDT

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Yesterday I wrote an article called 10 Signs You Are Truly Happy, and people seemed to respond really well to it. Some people feel like happiness is not a choice, but rather a privilege that we earn. I am of a different opinion since I believe we mold life as we want it to be. It's all in the actions we populate our lives with. It doesn't have to be harder than that really. As you probably know, this could easily turn into an argument that keeps on going for a long time, so we won't get into all that. But the question still remains, how do you populate your life with actions that will make life a little bit more happy? Where do you start?

If you have a look at these insane socks, I am sure you will at least get a smile on your face. See, that's a good start. Purchase a couple pairs of these, and you will totally make the surrounding crowd break out in either an instant laugh or smile the biggest smile. They are made available by Pretty Closet and are called Face Socks. They are apparently a huge success in Korea, and they are about to take on the world.

They are quite cheap as well at only $3.50 per pair. It's a great investment that I think any geek could get a whole lot of smiles from. These socks are for children and teenagers by the looks of the sizes. However, if you have really small feet, these would totally work. They're perfect for any geek party! Well, if the party you are going to doesn't allow shoes inside that is. Otherwise, the investment would be kind of pointless. So, Face Socks… let's bring on a smile!






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