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Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Week Genealogy News

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geneaNet - 07/21/2012
 Hi Terry,

This Week Genealogy News

Victoria Cross Fetches £276,000 at Auction

The first Victoria Cross awarded to a private in World War I has sold for £276,000 at auction. The medal, awarded to Pte Sidney Godley, of East Grinstead, West Sussex, was expected to fetch up to [...]

Endangered Archives Programme - Gypsy/Roma Archives in Bulgaria

Digital copies of photographs, theatre play scripts and posters, songs and newspapers are among the newly catalogued Collections relating to Gypsy/Roma archives in Bulgaria, now available on the EAP webpages.
These records were copied by EAP067 [...]

Miami, Florida - Families Sue Cemetery Company Over Corpse Confusion

A cemetery mix up has a local family filing suit! That's after another woman was found buried in their mother's pre-paid plot at the Star of David Memorial Gardens Cemetery in North Lauderdale.
"I went to look [...]

Stunning Panoramic Images from Turn-of-the-Century New York Show the Last Vestiges of Stone Buildings and Low-Slung Skyline

These stunning panoramas, taken between 1901 and 1913 and curated by the Library of Congress, show the city as dusk fell on the New York built before the Civil War.
Buildings were continually built up and [...]

Nazis Plotted to Assassinate Winston Churchill with Exploding Chocolate Bars

A deadly dessert lay at the center of a World War II plot to assassinate Britain's prime minister. Nazi agents hoped to kill Sir Winston Churchill with exploding chocolate bars, according to a secret wartime letter [...]

Shoebox 2.1.1 Update Released

Mobile - Freeware
Shoebox 2.1.1 has been released.
* Receive notifications when your friends add photos to your shoeboxes.
* Bug fixes. [...]

Is This the Mona Lisa's Skeleton? Discovery of Bones in Florence Convent Believed To Be Those of Silk Merchant's Wife Who Inspired Da Vinci

Archaeologists are convinced they've unearthed the secret behind the world's most famous painting, the Mona Lisa. Buried beneath the floor of a convent in Florence, Italy they've found a skeleton they believe belonged to Lisa Gherardini, [...]

Ohio Mormon Cemetery Fascinates Researchers

A tiny northeastern Ohio cemetery containing the unearthed headstones of 19th century Mormon settlers may grow if officials find more of the grave markers on the site of a recently closed school.
The Akron Beacon Journal ( [...]

Tombfinder App 1350 Update Released

Mobile - Freeware
Tombfinder App 1350 has been released.
* GPS enhancements.
* Bug fixes. [...]

RestingSpot 1.3 Update Released

Mobile - Freeware
RestingSpot 1.3 has been released.
* Now choose between the standard method and the new Camera Add. The standard method is perfect for adding a few RestingSpots, while the Camera Add option is ideal for [...]

FamilyTreeFactory Update Released

Charts and Diagrams - Windows - Purchase
FamilyTreeFactory has been released.
* In descendant trees, there are new functions in the context menu of person boxes of descendants: Now you can exclude several persons at once: All [...]

Branches Update Released

Full Featured - Windows - Purchase
Branches has been released.
* Maintenance update. [...]

Chilling Archives of French Jews Deported To Auschwitz Shown For First Time To Public

Even in France, one of the most brazen collaborations between authorities and the Nazis during World War II is unknown to many in the younger generation.
Police are hoping to change that, opening up their archives on [...]

Centralia, Missouri - Woman Cares for Far West Cemetery, Preserves 19th Century History

When Fonda and Paul Smith moved to a house near Centralia in the winter of 1988, they were looking forward to living in a place with more trees than people. That first spring in their new [...]

Discovered in a Castle Vault, The Scraps of Lace That Show Lingerie Was All The Rage 500 Years Ago

It is hardly racy by today's standards but this skimpy lingerie has certainly shocked historians. The lace and linen undergarments date back to hundreds of years before women's underwear was thought to exist.
They had lain hidden [...]

Survey Locates 967 Unmarked Graves in Sudbury, Massachusetts, Cemetery

To the untrained eye, the screen looks like random static. But Bob Perry points to a white blip that could be a coffin. And a series of impressions at the top of the monitor may be [...]

Annie Lennox Could Be Set To Appear on TV's Who Do You Think You Are?

Superstar Annie Lennox could be set to discover her family history on a popular TV show, the Evening Express can reveal today. It's believed Aberdeen-born singer Annie Lennox is set to appear in a new episode [...]

Memory of the Netherlands - Poster Project

Seven institutions managing Dutch heritage have joined forces to provide a representative picture of the main political, cultural and historical posters in the Netherlands from 1870 to the present.
In two years' time approximately 52,000 posters have [...]

Nova Scotia - Archives Bring 19th Century History Into Digital Age

Decades of 19th century Nova Scotia history has been given the online treatment at the Nova Scotia Archives. History buffs can now access two early newspapers, the Acadian Recorder and the Liverpool Transcript, electronically by the [...]

Ireland - Vandals Cause €50,000 Worth of Damage at Limerick Graveyard

Historic headstones in Limerick's oldest graveyard have been damaged over the weekend, with the culprits causing up to €50,000 worth of damage.
Gardai are now examining CCTV footage taken from near Mount St Lawrence Cemetery, between Saturday [...]

Tracing Your Family History Takes Time, Effort and Money

Tracing your family tree is easier than ever, thanks to personal computers and the Internet, but it's still not as easy as TV shows and commercials for genealogical organizations lead you to believe.
"You see those TV [...]

Millions of Canadians, Inspired by TV Shows and Websites, Are Investigating their Family Trees

Rob Milson always knew his great-grandfather had abandoned his wife and young children. Turns out Lewis Davis was more of a scoundrel than that, spending four years in a Boston jail for counterfeiting - printing Canadian [...]

Recreation of The Lost Mural of Ellis Island Goes On Display at the National Archives in Morrow

Covington muralist Andrew Sabori, the son of Sicilian and Spanish immigrants, went to Ellis Island one day in 2003 to find out more about his own heritage. Instead, he came away obsessed with a monumental mural [...]

Recalling the Famine's Impact on Irish and American History

There is a profound moment in Tom Murphy's play 'Famine" where John Connor, the Irish tenant farmer, pulls up the potato stalk by the root to see if the blight is back.
It is 1846. After a [...]

Cathy Tyree, Virginia Woman, Discovers Lost Family Photos At Antique Shop

Cathy Tyree was on the hunt for an old couch when she stumbled across something incredible at an antique shop in Richmond, Va. Tyree had been in the store for only 15 minutes when she discovered [...]

Vivaldi's Lost Masterpiece Is Found in Library Archives

In a development described by music experts as "a bombshell in the world of Baroque opera", a new version of Vivaldi's opera Orlando Furioso has been discovered, 270 years after his death.
The manuscript has been dated [...]

Are You Related to Robin Williams?

Williams was born July 21, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois. His mother, Laura (née Smith, 1922-2001), was a former model from New Orleans, Louisiana. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams (September 10, 1906 - October 18, 1987) was [...]

Download the Latest Original GEDCOM File You Have Imported into GeneaNet

You can now download the latest original GEDCOM file you have imported into GeneaNet.
This is your original GEDCOM file and not a new GEDCOM file exported from your actual GeneaNet Online Family Tree. Go to 'Online Family [...]

Descendants of Fugitive Slave Reunite in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

More than 200 descendants of a fugitive slave will be reuniting in Hamilton this weekend. They return to the city where their family first gained freedom.
It was 1860 when Thomas John Holland escaped slavery in [...]

The Endangered Archives of the Haynes Publishing Company, Argentina

Today's post has been written by Celina Tuozzo, the project holder for EAP375 The transition from a traditional to a modern society: recovering Argentinean and Latin Americian history through an emblematic publishing company:
"The Endangered Archives Programme [...]

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