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Friday, August 17, 2012

19 Adorable Dogs Eating Air, Like They Do

Friday, August 17, 2012
Why do dogs find eating air irresistible? Well, when they're not battling crabs, fetching beers or fighting with sprinklers, dogs are usually trying to get some grub. And when there isn't a can of Alpo in sight, sometimes, they've got to get creative.

Either that, or dog owners have just figured out an easy way to get their dogs to do something really funny on camera for a few seconds. The point is, when confronted with a strong breeze (or even a gentle blow), pups have one instinct and one instinct only: chomp!
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In recent weeks much has been made of stricter voter ID laws. But if the brave politicians pushing through this crucial legislation are truly passionate about ensuring our democracy, perhaps they should consider another provision: Voter IQ laws.
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Instead of a hearing aid, under Paul Ryan's plan you'll recieve a voucher that will get you a hat that says, "Talk Louder."

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