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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fox News Speculates Hologram Reagan Will Endorse Romney at Convention


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Last month, I jokingly mentioned to my colleague Peter Z. Scheer that the Republicans should trot out hologram Ronald Reagan at the Republican National Convention. Thankfully, Peter tweeted it, so there is proof that this idea really was discussed more than a month before the convention.


Great idea from @misstracybloom: GOP should have a hologram Ronald Reagan introduce Mitt Romney at the convention. Or Tupac.

— Peter Z. Scheer (@peesch) July 18, 2012

(Note: the Tupac part was Peter's idea but if hologram Reagan isn't available, that's a pretty solid choice too.)

As it turns out, the idea of presenting Reagan in hologram form at the GOP convention isn't such a joke after all. In fact, Fox News on Wednesday reported that it's entirely possible a hologram version of the beloved conservative icon will endorse GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

As Fox News noted, there is currently an empty spot in the convention speaker lineup Thursday (unless the mysterious "To Be Announced" is a person who actually exists). And hologram Ronald Reagan would definitely be a better pick than say, real Donald Trump.

Other candidates for the mystery speaker include NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, actor Clint Eastwood and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

—Posted by Tracy Bloom

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