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Pamela Jaskoviak

Författarbild: Pamela Jaskoviak I was born in 1966 in Massachusetts in the U.S., but grew up in Mark Municipality in Västra Götaland. After many years in Gothenburg and on the road, I am now living in the small community Norsesund outside Alingsås. Where I live with my three kids, a dog and four cats in an old wooden house on a hill.

I debuted as a writer in 1995 with diksamlingen Black Tulip. Then, I have published three more diksamlingar and two novels and two children's books. Roland's journey is my first book on the LL-publisher.

Besides bokskrivandet I am working as a translator and playwright, and writes columns for Swedish Radio P1 and Boras Journal. I also work as a teacher of creative writing at the University of Skövde.

If I tried to see any common thread in my own writing, it would probably be traveling. I see that people are traveling for almost all my books. At most, there may be a dose of love and a focus on interpersonal relationships.

In my spare time I do yoga or watching movies. When I do not read of course. Or write. Or traveling.

Books published by Pamela Jaskoviak

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Cover, Roland's journey

Roland traveling

by Pamela Jaskoviak "If you never been to Thailand has never really lived!" Roland is sixty years old and have lived a ... Read more
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