Saturday, August 25, 2012

Recommended Watchlist: There Goes The Neighborhood

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August 25, 2012

Recommended Watchlist: There Goes The Neighborhood

There Goes The Neighborhood

Crackle has discovered the one thing more damaging to home values than short sales, foreclosures or gang graffiti… zombies. In our "There Goes the Neighborhood" Watchlist, the undead move in next door and cause more mayhem than even a neighborhood watch can handle.

Pity the denizens of the apartment building infested with zombies not once but three times in Rec, Rec 2 and Quarantine. Even commercial venues are vulnerable, whether they be hospitals (Candy Stripers) or, umm, gentlemen's clubs (Zombie Strippers).

And you thought Charlie Sheen's neighbors had it rough.

Zombie Strippers Watch Now

Ex-adult film deity Jenna Jameson lends her ample talents to a gory bacchanalia perfectly summed up by its title.
Rated R

Candy Stripers Watch Now

Sex and horror are two great tastes that go great together.
Rated R

Fright  Night Watch Now

Campy but chilling '80s take on schlocky '60s/'70s late night horror TV theater.
Rated R

Night of the Living Dead Watch Now

Tom Savini "fleshes" out the George A. Romero classic in this remake that may even be better than the original.
Rated R

Quarantine Watch Now

The American remake of REC is a bone-chilling, super-charged zombie nightmare that may just out-menace the original.
Rated R

Quarantine 2: Terminal Watch Now

A terrifying zombie-ridden disease flick that sidesteps the rehashed clichés of the usual horror sequel.
Rated R

Rec Watch Now

A nightmarish roller-coaster ride of paranoia, claustrophobia and freaky zombies that spawned the U.S. remake Quarantine.
Rated R

Rec 2 Watch Now

A terrifying zombiefied continuation that builds on its predecessor to become one of modern horror's scariest sequels.
Rated R

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