Monday, August 27, 2012

Worcester Mag Top Stories

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Worcester Republicans bring squabble to Tampa

Worcester's Carol Claros says she was blindsided when told she would not be allowed to serve as a delegate at this month's Republican National Convention. After all, she figured she had earned the right by winning election at a caucus earlier this year and beating out a more well-known opponent. The elation she felt immediately upon winning was short-lived – and followed by one of the worst feelings she could imagine.

New mental healthcare facility opens in Worcester

The new $302 million Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital (WRCH), billed as a one-of-its-kind facility, shines a light on an issue that rarely gets a lot of public attention. Intentionally built low to the ground, the building sits in the shadow of the former Worcester State Hospital, and sports large windows and a courtyard that soak in the sun.

City schools raise issue with charter school funding

City school officials say $3 million allocated to the Spirit of Knowledge Charter School (SOK) for the upcoming school year is too much and that the excess funding will be turned back to the city — and not the school district. It has some officials questioning the process of determining how much money the public school district must allocate to charter schools.

Prayers for a neighborhood

After an attempt was made to set fire to a house on Piedmont Street on Sunday night, a group from the community gathered in support of one another and to pray for their neighbor. "When one street or one house is effected, they're messing with all of us," voiced Reverend Kevin Bean of All Saints Church on Irving Street.