Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conservatives' Panicked Reactions to Romney Disaster Video

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TODAY'S TOP STORIES September 18, 2012

10 Desperate and Depressed Conservative Reactions to Romney's 47 Percent Moment

Some are standing by Romney; the semi-smart ones are running away like he's carrying Ebola. READ MORE»

Joshua Holland / AlterNet

Is the Atlantic Magazine Making Its Readers More Stupid?

The magazine is obsessed with the "you won't believe this!" angle. READ MORE»

Pamela Erens / Los Angeles Review of Books

Bold Prediction: Why Romney and Ryan Are Going Down

Republicans are failing the central test of electability ... targeting a non-majority part of the population. READ MORE»

Robert Reich /


Why Sneering at Public Servants Comes So Naturally to Many of America's Richest Citizens

In any society where wealth and income concentrate overwhelmingly at the top, the affluent will almost always come to sneer at public services and the individuals who provide them. READ MORE»

By Sam Pizzigati / Too Much: A Commentary on Excess and Inequality

Right-Wing Religions of the World Unite to Oppress Women and Gays More Ruthlessly

Religions that were once infamous for their mutual hatred are joining forces in a bid to preserve their shrinking spheres of privilege. READ MORE»

By Adam Lee / AlterNet

A Baker's Dozen of AlterNet's Most Popular Articles of 2012

Mormon controversies, food companies run by right-wingers, the science of cannabis and much more. READ MORE»

By Don Hazen / AlterNet

5 Crazy Schemes We May Turn to For More Water

Desperate times call for desperate measures: Some of the projects on the table are far-fetched, but others may actually come to fruition. READ MORE»

By Tara Lohan / AlterNet

Voting Wars: PA Voter ID Law May Be Tossed, But Rove's Donors Stay Secret

Two court rulings in the election law world, one possibly helping Democrats and definitely helping the GOP. READ MORE»

By Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet

Raj Patel: Big Ag Can't Feed the World -- Here's Who Can

Critically acclaimed writer Raj Patel talks about the failure of the Green Revolution, the beauty of the commons, and why industrial agriculture will never be the answer to our food woes. READ MORE»

By Maureen Nandini Mitra / Earth Island Journal

Bill Clinton Was Right That Dems Create More Jobs Than GOPers -- and Here's the Scoreboard for Good Jobs Making Real Things

Dems don't just beat the Republicans in overall jobs; they do much better creating manufacturing jobs. READ MORE»

By Colin Gordon, Stephen Herzenberg / AlterNet

An Inside Look at the First Village Forced to Relocate Due to Climate Change

This community has contributed very little to anthropogenic climate change, yet they are feeling the proverbial heat in a much more profound and potentially devastating way. READ MORE»

By Brook Meakins / AlterNet


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