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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Democratic convention in New York City 1924 (Silent~Explanation below window)

LS Forney Johnston, placing name of Sen. Underwood before the convention. MLS same. LS Sen. Phelan placing the name of W.G. McAdoo before the convention. HS crowd, demonstrating in Madison Square Garden. Pan shots crowd in Madison Square Garden as they receive reports of convention through amplifiers. LS Franklin D. Roosevelt placing name of Alfred E. Smith before convention. HS demonstrators parading through garden with Smith banners. Angle shot, looking up at tall buildings with confetti falling, pan down to Smith rooters in streets. Davis and Bryan nominated (Davis, former envoy to Great Britain is named candidate for President on 103rd ballot) Crowds cheering. Semi-long shots and close shots of John W. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Davis. CU Charles M. Bryan, Gov. of Nebraska, named vice-presidential candidate. (brother of William J. Bryan) CU Bryan seated at desk. CU Charles M. Bryan and brother William J. Cameramen taking pictures of Davis and Bryan. Semi CU Davis and Bryan.