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geneaNet - 09/08/2012
 Hi Terry,

This Week Genealogy News

Preserving Family History for National Grandparents Day

Grandparents frequently are the keepers of precious family memories, recipes and legends. With National Grandparents Day on Sept. 9, why not celebrate by visiting a grandparent and capturing some life history and wisdom for future generations?
Bloomington, [...]

Are You Related to Peter Lawford?

Lawford was born on September 7, 1923 the only child of Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney Turing Barlow Lawford, KBE (1865-1953) and May Aylen (née May Sommerville Bunny, 1883-1972). At the time of Lawford's birth, however, his mother [...]

Dorset, England: Interactive Gravestones: How the Dead Live On, Online

Traditional graveyards are being transformed through technology with interactive headstones providing a revolutionary way for people to remember loved ones. Quick Response (QR) codes on gravestones can be scanned by smartphones to open up online biographies [...]

Oldest Message in a Bottle Found

A Scottish skipper has found the oldest message ever in a bottle at sea, Guinness World Records said. According to the record-keeping organization, Andrew Leaper, skipper of the Shetland fishing boat "Copious," made the discovery on [...]

Colton, California - Twice-Stolen Gravestone Returned to Historic Cemetery

Stolen twice, hit with a hammer, and missing for about four decades, the stone belonging to Riverside resident and World War I veteran Tannie Peña will soon be reunited with its owner, hopefully for good this [...]

Digitizing of Southeast Missouri Civil War Materials Continues

An effort at Southeast Missouri State University to digitize historical information from the Civil War is on pace to be completed by next summer.
The project at Kent Library is titled "Confluence and Crossroads: The Civil War [...]

Are You Related to Roger Waters?

George Roger Waters was born on September 6, 1943 to Mary and Eric Fletcher Waters, in Great Bookham, Surrey. His father, the son of a coal miner, was an officer of the 8th Royal Fusiliers who [...]

Emily Dickinson Gets a New Look in Recovered Photograph

A photograph believed to be an extremely rare image of Emily Dickinson has surfaced in her home town of Amherst, Massachusetts, showing a young woman in old-fashioned clothes, a tiny smile on her lips and a [...]

'Huge Step Forward' In King Richard III Search Announced By Archaeology Team

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester who are leading the search for King Richard III have announced they have overcome the first significant hurdle of their investigation - and made a huge step forward in the [...]

Illinois State Archives Now Available Online

Historical information for the state of Illinois previously only found in a printed guide is now available in an online database.
Documents and records maintained in the Illinois State Archives can be found in an online database [...]

Are You Related to Raquel Welch?

Welch was born Jo Raquel Tejada on September 5, 1940, in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of Josephine Sarah (née Hall, 1909-2000) with English ancestry dating back to the Mayflower, and Armando Carlos Tejada Urquizo (1911-1976), a [...]

Earliest Irish Church Directory (1862) Digitized and Available Online

With the onset of the decade of commemorations, it is appropriate that we should mark the 150th anniversary of the first edition of an auspicious Church of Ireland publication - the Irish Church Directory (now the [...]

Denmark Pioneers Hi-Tech Graveyard Memorials with QR Code

Carrying a posy of bright flowers, Dorthe Frydenlund strolls through a Roskilde graveyard to honour her father Bent, who died earlier this year. Mrs Frydenlund is among those pioneering a novel way to commemorate the deceased.
Nestling [...]

Genealogist Shares Tools To Trace your Irish Roots

Genealogist Maureen Wlodarczyk of Sayreville held an audience spellbound at the Pequannock Township Public Library recently as she shared stories from the lives of her Irish ancestors - and the tools she used to unearth them.
In [...]

Are You Related to Alan Ladd?

Ladd was born on September 3, 1913, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He was the only child of Ina Raleigh Ladd and Alan Ladd, Sr. He was of English ancestry. His father died when he was four, [...]

City of Toronto Archives: Where Past Meets the Future

A framed, black-and-white drawing of a TTC streetcar turning south onto Broadview Avenue from Gerrard Street hangs behind the desk of new city archivist Carol Radford-Grant. "I used to go by that corner on the streetcar [...]

Incredible Photographs Taken by U.S. Army Prison Guard Give Fascinating Insight into Korean War

An incredible cache of photographs has emerged offering a uniquely personal insight into one soldier's experiences serving in the Korean War. The stunning, colour photos were taken by Jerry Rosenstein, while he served for the U.S. [...]

GeneaNet Has Reached the Milestone of One Billion Indexed Individuals

GeneaNet is proud to announce that it has reached the milestone of one billion indexed individuals!
This is thanks to all of you who have shared your family tree on GeneaNet since 1996.
(Note that an individual may [...]

New Genealogy App: Think Genealogy

Mobile - Purchase
New Genealogy App: Think Genealogy
A valuable reference to guide you through the research process and help you do professional quality research -- whether you are a professional genealogist or a family historian.
* A map [...]

Polish Historians Hope Secret Mass Grave Will Yield Hero of Auschwitz Who Volunteerd to Enter Death Camp and Chronicle Exterminations

It could hardly have been a riskier mission - to infiltrate Auschwitz and chronicle Nazi atrocities. Witold Pilecki survived nearly three years as an inmate in the death camp, managing to smuggle out word of executions [...]

New Genealogy App: GEDCOM Fixer

GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Freeware
New Genealogy App: GEDCOM Fixer
GEDCOM Fixer has only one specific function: to prepare GEDCOM exports for the GedStar Pro desktop application. Since not all genealogy applications correct GEDCOM problems it [...]

New Genealogy App: GEDCOM Validator

GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Freeware
New Genealogy App: GEDCOM Validator
GEDCOM Validator is a tool for checking a GEDCOM file with the GEDCOM specification:
* Check validity of GEDCOM 5.5 and GEDCOM 5.5.1 files.
* Decode Binary Large Objects [...]

New Genealogy App: Saving Memories Forever

Mobile - Freeware
New Genealogy App: Saving Memories Forever.
Create your family history through audio recordings with the help of this special iPhone App from Saving Memories Forever. [...]

Are You Related to Richard Gere?

Born on August 31, 1949, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gere is a descendant of Mayflower Pilgrims Francis Eaton, John Billington, George Soule, Richard Warren, Degory Priest, William Brewster and Francis Cooke.
Gere's mother, Doris Anna (née Tiffany), [...]

Genealogy Q&A Site Proposal Needs Support

Genealogists always have had questions on how to do their genealogy, how to find certain records, and whether there is any information available on the family lines they are researching. To date, there has not been [...]

Timeline 2.11.1 Update Released

Timeline - Windows, Mac, Linux - Freeware/Open Source
Timeline 2.11.1 has been released.
* Reminified source.
* Scoped loading message divs, Added float and clear to the reset css The added float and clear should fix some issues on [...]

GRAMPS 3.4.1 Update Released

Full Featured - Linux - Freeware/Open Source
GRAMPS 3.4.1 has been released.
* Error in export to xml of family order in 3.4.0, now fixed.
* Crash in windows after some use due to too much terminal output in [...]

iFamily for Leopard 2.753 Update Released

Full Featured - Mac - Purchase
iFamily for Leopard 2.753 has been released.
* Context Diagram: Tweaked the text display to account for a bug on Mountain Lion.
* Application Signing: Signed the application with an Apple Certificate. (But [...]

iScrapbook 3.3.7 Update Released

Family Pictures - Mac - Purchase
iScrapbook 3.3.7 has been released.
* Fixed problem pasting multiple images from iScrapKits at once.
* Fixed a problem copying and pasting iScrapKit images after a document is transferred from another computer.
* Fixed [...]

Genealogy Gems - Your Family History Show 1.18.1 Update Released

Mobile - Purchase
Genealogy Gems - Your Family History Show 1.18.1 has been released.
* Adds support for iCloud to sync starred episodes and settings. [...]

Your Family Tree 2.1 Update Released

Mobile - Freeware
Your Family Tree 2.1 has been released.
* Accelerometer support.
* Increased feature-set.
* Minor performance enhancements. [...]

Tombfinder App 1400 Update Released

Mobile - Freeware
Tombfinder App 1400 has been released.
* Fixes for known crashes.
* Ability to update existing records from the mobile application. [...]

LTools 1.3.31 Update Released

Other Tools - Windows - Freeware
LTools 1.3.31 has been released.
* Link Unattached Multimedia - new deluxe LTool which provides an alternative means of linking unattached images to various Legacy entities. It utilizes the list of unattached [...]

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2012 build 110813 Update Released

Family Books - Windows - Shareware
The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2012 build 110813 has been released.
* Fixed: Spurious Unicode characters in PDF reports. [...]

Transcript 2.4.1 build 92 beta Update Released

Transcriptions & Indexes - Windows - Freeware
Transcript 2.4.1 build 92 beta has been released.
* Workaround: some JPG files seem to be saved with a TIF extension by some programs or archives. As long as our graphics [...]

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