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Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Week Genealogy News

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geneaNet - 09/15/2012
 Hi Terry,

This Week Genealogy News

Are You Related to Grace Kelly?

Grace Kelly died 30 years ago on September 14, 1982.
She was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia to John Brendan "Jack" Kelly, and his wife, Margaret Katherine Majer. The newborn was named after her father's [...]

U.S. National Archives to Display 5th Page of the Constitution for the 1st Time To Mark Anniversary

The National Archives says it plans to display the so-called "fifth page" of the U.S. Constitution for the first time to celebrate the document's 225th anniversary next week. The Archives says the extra page will be [...]

World's First Colour Moving Pictures Discovered

The world's first colour moving pictures dating from 1902 have been found by the National Media Museum in Bradford after lying forgotten in an old tin for 110 years. The discovery is a breakthrough in cinema [...]

15th-Century Book of Hours Comes to South Carolina

A 15th-century Book of Hours has been recently purchased by the University of South Carolina, and students and the public will soon be able to see the valuable medieval text in person and online.
Still in its [...]

Are You Related to Annie Duke?

Annie Duke (born Anne LaBarr Lederer) is a professional poker player who was born on September 13, 1965 in Concord, New Hampshire, the daughter of Rhoda S. (née Spagenberg) and Richard Lederer, a writer and linguist [...]

Richard's III Skeleton Reveals 'Hunchback King'

For centuries historians have debated Richard III and whether his reputation as a ruthless hunchback king was a true reflection of his reign or just a figment of Shakespeare's imagination.
Now it would seem that at least [...]

Secret WWI Diary Written by Englishwoman, Known as 'The Outlander', Behind Enemy Lines in Germany Is Unearthed in Dusty Loft

As an Englishwoman in Germany during the First World War, and with her husband interned in a prison camp, she was known as 'The Outlander'. She was shunned by old friends and viewed with suspicion in [...]

Search for King Richard III's Body Finds Human Remains Where His Grave Stood in 1612

Archaeologists believe they may finally have found the final resting place of King Richard III. In a dramatic development after three weeks of digging under a council car park in Leicester, researchers today revealed they have [...]

Are You Related to Moby?

Born Richard Melville Hall on September 11, 1965 in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, Moby is the son of Elizabeth McBride (née Warner), a medical secretary, and James Frederick Hall, a chemistry professor. He [...]

Bookseller Using New Technology for Old Books

A bookseller in Middleton may have found a way take the bite out of e-books while bringing rare, local interest books back into circulation. Jonathan Archibald says he has lost some sleep over the growing popularity [...]

Archaeologists Discover Medieval Church and 300 Burials in Ipswich

A team from Oxford Archaeology, in partnership with Pre-Construct Archaeology, has so far uncovered some 300 burials dating to the late Saxon and medieval periods from a site in Ipswich.
Ipswich was an important Saxon town and [...]

Geneaalogy Software Updates of the Week

Branches (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)
* Update for GEDCOM import
Brother's Keeper 6.5.16 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)
* This version has changes for the language translators so that they can update the language files. [...]

Are You Related to Joseph Wheeler?

Although of New England ancestry, Joseph Wheeler was born on September 10, 1836 near Augusta, Georgia and spent most of his early life growing up with relatives in Connecticut.
He has the rare distinction of serving as [...]

Albertville, Alabama - Local Historian Puts Faces to the Names on Tombstones

For over one hundred years, Memory Hill has been the final earthly resting place of many of Albertville's citizens.
Originally the cemetery had been known as the Garrard family cemetery, occupying the hill in the oldest part [...]

New GeneaNet Feature: Personal Notes

When you are visiting a family tree, you can now add a Personal Note to any individual.
This new feature is very useful for genealogists as you can take notes in the GeneaNet family trees and look them up later.
Other GeneaNet [...]

Are You Related to Peter Lawford?

Lawford was born on September 7, 1923 the only child of Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney Turing Barlow Lawford, KBE (1865-1953) and May Aylen (née May Sommerville Bunny, 1883-1972). At the time of Lawford's birth, however, his mother [...]

Oldest Message in a Bottle Found

A Scottish skipper has found the oldest message ever in a bottle at sea, Guinness World Records said. According to the record-keeping organization, Andrew Leaper, skipper of the Shetland fishing boat "Copious," made the discovery on [...]

Preserving Family History for National Grandparents Day

Grandparents frequently are the keepers of precious family memories, recipes and legends. With National Grandparents Day on Sept. 9, why not celebrate by visiting a grandparent and capturing some life history and wisdom for future generations?
Bloomington, [...]

Dorset, England: Interactive Gravestones: How the Dead Live On, Online

Traditional graveyards are being transformed through technology with interactive headstones providing a revolutionary way for people to remember loved ones. Quick Response (QR) codes on gravestones can be scanned by smartphones to open up online biographies [...]

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