Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fw: 1492 or 1942 - When did your family arrive?


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Find the First
1492 was a long time ago. And odds are pretty good that your own family didn't arrive in America on a ship named the Nina, the Pinta or the Santa Maria.

But when it comes to discoveries, there aren't many in family history that rival finding a family member's first moments in America. Unless, of course, you've found that already and now you want to figure out what to do with the scant, cryptic details on the passenger list.

That's why we're giving you two articles this month: Passenger List Search Tips AND 5 Clues Hiding in Passenger Lists. Read both and see what you can discover.
NY Naturalizations—UPDATE
U.S. Navy Casualties, 1776-1941
Great Britain Masters and Mates
"I'm trying to find my great-great-grandfather's parents. His death certificate doesn't list them and birth records weren't required when he was born. What should I do?"
— Taylor Bearden Burich
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Am I my own cousin?
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