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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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 Hi Terry, GeneaNet and Genealogy News
Did you know that GeneaNet offers you to upload and share pictures of headstones?

You can:

- Upload several pictures of the same headstone, for example a general view and some closer views to read the inscription.
- Index the name and date of persons who appear on it.
- Attach a picture of headstone to any individual in your GeneaNet family tree even if it's not your own picture.
- Search the GeneaNet database for pictures of headstones by name, first name, date and place.
GeneaNet - Did You Upload a Picture of Your Ancestors Headstones?
Are You Related to Lavinia Warren?The wife of General Tom Thumb, Warren was born October 31, 1841 at Middleborough, Massachusetts as Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump, a descendant of a French Catholic family named Bonpasse, of Governor Thomas Mayhew, and five Mayflower passengers.
The Abbey Theatre is partnering with National University Ireland, Galway to make the almost two million items in the Abbey's archives available online.
Arlington National Cemetery has developed ANC Explorer, an application that is available across common web browsers and on mobile smart phones.
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 - The Collins family
 - The Oist's record 1923
 - Annals of the Early Settlers Association
 - Settlement of Steuben County, N.Y.
 - The Rau-Row-Rowe family
 - The Rhodes Family in America
 - The Craighead family 1658-1876
 - The Goodrich family in America
 - Francis Le Baron of Plymouth, Mass
 - Homes of our ancestors in Stonington
 - Pioneer priests of North America
 - Polk's Baltimore city directory 1923
 - Pennsylvania archives
 - The Herald's history of Los Angeles
 - Huguenot Emigration to America
 - Genealogy of the Brumbach families
 - Prominent families, Pittsburgh 1912
 - Virginia Military Institute Catalog 1859
 - The Dundee directory 1904-05
 - Post Office Greenock Directory 1894
 - Families of the Wyoming Valley
 - Lives of English popular leaders
 - Athens Female College Catalog 1905-06
 - History of the Orvis family in America
 - History of the Shepard family
 - Lenoir Rhyne College Alumni Bulletin
 - Seldens of Virginia and allied families

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