Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jimmie Rodgers - Years Ago (The last recording of Jimmie Rodgers)

Uploaded on Aug 13, 2008
May 1933, Rodgers, suffering from Tuberculosis, traveled to New York City for a group of sessions beginning May 17, 1933. He started these sessions recording alone and completed four songs on the first day. When he returned to the studio after a day's rest, he had to record sitting down and soon retreated to his hotel in hopes of regaining enough energy to finish the songs he had been rehearsing. The recording engineer hired two session musicians to help Rodgers when he came back to the studio a few days later. Together they recorded a few songs, including "Mississippi Delta Blues". For his last song of the session, however, Jimmie chose to perform alone, and as a matching bookend to his career, recorded "Years Ago" by himself.

Jimmie Rodgers died two days later on May 26, 1933 from a lung hemorrhage. He was 35 years old.