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Songs from the Old Victrola

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 09:31 PM PDT

I heard a song awhile ago that was written in 1953.  The title is "Get Out Those Old Records."  As I usually do with a song that captures my interest, I tried to find the lyrics.  I couldn't.  Those of you who have used the internet to find lyrics know that you can find almost any song.

I did find a version of "Get Out Those Old Records," but the words were different from the ones I had heard.  I was particularly interested because the words included the names of songs that were played on the wind-up record player.  Now for most of us "old records" might go back to the 50's.  When you're looking back from the 50's then the songs are really old!

I do have some familiarity with some really old songs, so I decided to see if I could decipher the lyrics myself.

Here is my list of songs I believe are referenced as favorite oldies according to the song "Get Out Those Old Records."

1. All the songs about moons.
2. All the songs about Junes.
3. "Kitten on the Keys"
4. "Nola"
5. "Barney Google"
6. The songs about Kate.
7. "Jada Jada"
8. "Boola Boola"
9. "Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula"
10. "Honey"
11. "Dardanella"
12. "Sonny"
13. Meet me on the back porch songs.
14. Torch Songs.

Well, that's my list, and I'm sticking with it!

I decided that I would like to produce an all music episode for Southbridge Old Time Radio featuring some of these songs.  Now before you write this off and move on, remember songs from the Roaring Twenties and early 1930's were sometimes lots of fun.  This was the time of the Boop Boop a Doop singers, for example, like Helen Kane and Mae Questel.  There were some tremendous bands with that definite 20's feel.  Other singing styles were typical of the period as well.

So take a trip down Memory Lane which really isn't Memory Lane at all.  For most people these old songs are new.  Try it.  You just may like it!

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