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Thursday, June 29, 2017

'America knew what they were getting': Sarah Huckabee Sanders blames you for Trump's despicable tweets

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Trump is meeting privately with Putin — and he asked staffers for bargaining chips to trade away

White House aides despair over ‘facelift’ tweet: At least you’re not reporting ‘we’re going to kill millions’

'America knew what they were getting': Sarah Huckabee Sanders blames you for Trump's despicable tweets

‘A real man would have called an ambulance’: Internet recoils in horror at Trump ‘facelift’ tweets

MSNBC reveals Trump’s ‘secret plan’ to fight ISIS has always been a lie

Trump 'will punch back 10 times harder' if 'attacked': Melania Trump defends vicious 'facelift' tweets

'This is shameful!': Keith Boykin rains hell on GOPer for excusing 'vindictive, sexist' Trump tweet

‘She was bleeding badly from a face-lift’: Trump explodes after MSNBC’s Mika calls him crazy

‘More like #InsecureMenDay’: LGBT Twitter hilariously trolls right-wingers celebrating ‘Heterosexual Pride Day’

White House official boasts they’ll ‘bribe moderates with opioid money’ to pass Trumpcare: report

Oklahoma family sets on-camera trap for neighbor seeking sex with teen — and pummels perp

Sarah Sanders whines that Trump is the real victim: ‘Facelift’ tweets were ‘fighting fire with fire’

Trump adviser crushes Fox’s anti-CNN derangement: Your reporting on retracted Russia story is ‘overblown’

‘Do they really need a wheelchair?’ Fox doctor complains Medicaid patients getting ‘excessive’ treatments

Here’s how the GOP will bail out insurance companies — even as millions lose their health care

Kellyanne Conway uses Dem congresswoman as human shield against ‘facelift tweet’ questions

Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz faces ethics questions for $296M deal that could fall under Russia probe

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