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Friday, June 16, 2017

LCD Soundsystem, Rei Kawakubo, Native Fashion Now: This Weekend into Next - Datebook 6/16 - 6/20/2017

PHOTO: Every Which Way But Loose/Warner Brothers

Simian Vérité

With Kong: Skull Island lumbering into the distance and War for the Planet of the Apes looming on the horizon, Anthology Film Archives presents "Simian Vérité," featuring a dozen films that explore the durable cinematic presence of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom.  (Read More)


LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy's übercool New York dancepop project LCD Soundsystem bid farewell in 2011 in a grand fashion: five nights of sold-out shows at Terminal 5, one massive send-off at Madison Square Garden, and a feature-length documentary. But the goodbye didn't stick —    (Read More)


New York Philharmonic: Concerts in the Parks

Crying babies, squabbling siblings, and chatting neighbors add background value to the New York Philharmonic's annual "Concerts in the Parks." (Read More)


Esmé Boyce Dance

Cross a question mark with an exclamation point and you get the interrobang, a punctuation mark that expresses surprise in the form of a question, as in: How do you like them apples‽   (Read More)


August Sander

August Sander's photographs of a German society unaware of the impending catastrophe of the Second World War bitterly echo the unforeseeability of the present sociopolitical climate.   (Read More)



This week, the Los Angeles–born, Mexico City–based rapper SPEAK returns to New York City for a one-night-only show; it's been two years since the self-described "hair god" of rap music has performed in the Big Apple. (Read More)


PHOTO: Courtesy MOMA

Sally Silvers: Tenderizer

For her new Tenderizer, a three-part work, choreographer Sally Silvers, working as always with a live sound-mix by her partner, Bruce Andrews, scrambles a flock of superb performers from an astonishing range of disciplines and generations: tap master Caleb Teicher, Cunningham alums Melissa Toogood and Dylan Crossman, postmodern pillar Paul Langland, and a dozen more.  (Read More)


Mushrooming 101

Can you tell the difference between wild mushrooms that are delicious and wild mushrooms that are poisonous? If not, here's a chance to learn, in a special setting.   (Read More)


The Art of Spider-Man

If there's one superhero you expect to see on a wall, it's Spider-Man — and now, he's all over the walls of the Society of Illustrators. (Read More)


Dances for a Variable Population

Naomi Goldberg Haas, originally a ballet dancer and now the city's doyenne of dance training for older adults and a pro at generating funding from all levels of government, has for a decade masterminded outdoor productions for which legendary dancer-choreographers make new work for senior performers.   (Read More)

PHOTO: Autumn de Wilde

The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs' Brian and Michael D'Addario aren't your average pair of teenage brothers from the suburban sprawl of Hicksville, Long Island, a sluggish town of diners and identical strip malls.   (Read More)


Great Expectations

Can you tell the difference between wild mushrooms that are delicious and wild mushrooms that are poisonous? If not, here's a chance to learn, in a special setting.   (Read More)


Exploratory Works

Through the mid–twentieth century, before cameras became portable enough for remote fieldwork, wildlife researchers with the New York Zoological Society were still relying on a cadre of illustrators to record what they saw. (Read More)


Egg Rolls, Egg Creams, & Empanadas Festival

This sixteen-year-old festival celebrates several of the many diverse communities that have historically called the Lower East Side home.   (Read More)


Out Like That! Festival

For nearly two decades, the Out Like That! Festival has been an exuberant space for Bronxites to observe Pride Month.    (Read More)

PHOTO: Autumn de Wilde

Native Fashion Now

It's a bitter truth of the fashion world that the general public is more familiar with white designers' appropriation of Native American motifs — the inappropriate use of the headdress, to cite just one example, has provoked much outrage — than with work produced by Native designers themselves.   (Read More)


Nari Ward: G.O.A.T., again

Jamaican native Nari Ward, winner of this year's $100,000 Vilcek Prize for immigrant artists, takes his large-scale, culturally pointed sculpture outdoors. (Read More)


River to River Festival

From City Hall Park to the Financial District to South Street Seaport to Governors Island, the Medici-like Lower Manhattan Cultural Council deploys some of our most interesting dance artists, including the Dance Cartel, Netta Yerushalmy, Faye Driscoll, Marjani Forté-Saunders, Beth Gill, Maria Hassabi, Jodi Melnick, and Will Rawls.   (Read More)

PHOTO: Autumn de Wilde


The widow and the estranged son of a once-celebrated African-American artist clash during Master, a new work created by W. David Hancock (The Convention of Cartography), whose imaginative environmental dramas have netted him two Obie awards.   (Read More)


Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçones: Art of the In-Between

They've baffled the runway crowds for decades, and now Rei Kawakubo's marvelously wacky womenswear outfits get a solo show at the Met, only the second time the museum has given the honor to a living fashion designer. (Read More)


The Reception

Sean Donovan came up performing in the company of Jane Comfort, among several other choreographers; now, in the world premiere of the dance-theater work The Reception (created and co-directed with longtime collaborator Sebastián Calderón Bentin and the company), he gives her the role of hostess at a lively, eccentric party that includes Leslie Cuyjet, Hannah Heller, Ishmael Houston Jones, and himself.    (Read More)

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