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Friday, July 7, 2017

Barack Obama is trying to SAVE our Democracy:

Barack Obama thinks Election Day should be a National Holiday.

Barack Obama believes we MUST fix our Democracy:
We are the only advanced democracy that makes it deliberately difficult for people to vote. - President Obama
The sad the truth is that most Americans don’t vote.

That’s why President Obama is leading the charge to make sure every American has the opportunity to go to the polls.

If you agree with Barack Obama that Election Day should be designated a National Holiday, sign your name right away:


Voter turnout during the 2O16 Election hit record lows -- especially among younger and low-income Americans.

We should not be satisfied with a Democracy bought by Big Money interests and plagued by low voter turnout.

If we want to stop the corrupting influence of money in politics, we need to get people to the polls.

If you agree, let us know right now:

A Democracy without participation isn’t a Democracy at all,