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Sunday, July 16, 2017

in crisis


We’re facing a crisis: Every year, right wing mega-donors like the Kochs spend MILLIONS of dollars to buy up politicians and dictate policy.

And now, Big Money-backed Republicans are closer than ever to passing their disastrous health care bill.

If they succeed, MILLIONS will lose access to health care -- while the wealthiest 2% walk away with MAJOR tax breaks.

We can fight back. But step one is stopping the flow of special interest money in Washington.

We can’t do it without your help. Chip in $1 now to help fight back against the billionaires trying to auction off our health care:

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When our Democracy was founded, it was meant to represent the will of the The People.

But thanks to Citizens United, billionaires like the Koch Brothers can buy politicians and influence healthcare policy to fit their agenda.

We can’t allow this to continue -- lives are on the line!

Chip in $1 right now to help us fight back against corporate special interests state-by-state:

Thank your for your support.



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