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Sunday, July 16, 2017

MILLIONS will lose health care:


The Senate could be voting on the GOP’s disastrous health plan NEXT WEEK.

If it passes, MILLIONS of Americans will lose access to health insurance -- while the mega-rich get MAJOR tax breaks:

CNBC: The Senate health-care bill would give the wealthy the biggest tax break in over a decade

This isn’t surprising -- the Koch Brothers have spent MILLIONS to buy the politicians writing these bills.

But we can fight back, and send a message to the Koch Brothers that our healthcare -- and our Democracy -- is NOT for sale.

Chip in $1 to help us fight back against the corporate special interests trying to profit off our health care:

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If Republicans and their Big Money donors succeed, 22 MILLION Americans will lose their health care.

That’s why Democrats are fighting to STOP their plan.

But right wing mega-donors like the Kochs are working to crush them, and tighten their grip on the American health care system.

We can’t let them succeed. Chip in anything you can right now to help us fight back against attacks on our health care:

We can’t afford not to act.



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