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Thursday, July 6, 2017

SIGN ON: END Big Money's influence on our elections:


SIGN ON: Demand our elections be citizen-funded >>

Thanks to our broken campaign finance system, Big Money special interests DOMINATE our elections.
That’s why progressives are fighting to make sure campaigns are citizen-financed -- so that our politicians can’t be bought.
If you support their efforts, sign your name to DEMAND that campaigns be citizen-funded:

Thanks to Citizens United, billionaires and special interests are allowed to FLOOD our political spending.

Wall Street and the Koch Brothers spend MILLIONS to buy politicians and influence policy, while the voice of everyday Americans is drowned out.

If we’re going to fix our Democracy, one of the BEST solutions is making sure our elections are citizen-funded -- that way our government is accountable to the PEOPLE, and NOT the billionaires.

If you agree that our elections should be citizen-funded, sign your name right away:


States like Maine, Connecticut, and Washington have already implemented measures that make campaigns citizen-funded -- and the results are AMAZING:

-- The influence of lobbyists has been curbed.
-- More small-dollar donors are participating than EVER before.
-- And policies are more aligned with the demands of everyday Americans.

There’s no doubt: citizen-funded elections would be a HUGE step forward for our campaign finance system.

Click the link below to DEMAND citizen-funded elections:

Thank you for making your voice heard.


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