Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This video confirms that Mike Pence is in deep, deep trouble

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'Who's trying to get Jared out of the way?': Morning Joe hints Steve Bannon is leaking Don Jr bombshells

'We were mistaken': Fox and Friends issues rare correction on false Comey memo story -- no word from Trump

This video confirms that Mike Pence is in deep, deep trouble

‘Your team is obsessed with Clinton’ CNN’s Camerota hammers Trump adviser for dodging question on Russia meeting

Trump supporters’ defense of Jr.’s Russia meeting leaves Anderson Cooper gobsmacked — and laughing in their faces

REVEALED: GOP operative used infamous racist troll in attempt to get Clinton emails from Russia

‘He’s stupid for saying what he said’: Attorneys hammer Don Jr’s ‘insanely asinine’ tweets about Russia

‘They wanted it so badly’: Russian lawyer who met Trump Jr. says he was desperate for Clinton dirt

Ex-tabloid reporter who set up Don Jr’s meeting with Russian lawyer announced he was there via Facebook

Trump has secretive teams to roll back regulations -- led by hires with deep industry ties

Ex-Obama aide: White House leaks look like they are throwing Trump Jr. to the wolves to save Jared Kushner

Rachel Maddow and Rep. Schiff connect dots between Don Jr. email and Trump-Russia collusion

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